Our Desire

Oregon Hill Grace Chapel is a community that desires:

  • to see people brought into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and
  • to see them equipped to serve and worship the Lord through a church that loves and values them as unique gifts of God.
  • to be a healthy Christian community that brings the health of God’s Gospel, love and practical service to the broader community in which we live.


Some Ways We Seek to Accomlish Our Purpose . . .

Worship . . . lives bowed down

All we do, corporately or individually as the Church, is to be an act of worship. At it's heart, worship is an act of surrender. Whether it be Sunday morning, singing worship songs or a mundane Tuesday full of daily chores, we want to live our lives in surrender and praise to our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.

Discipleship . . . all learners

Jesus has called us to be disciples. Disciples are learners . . . but not simply "students", but rather those who are intimately abiding with our Lord Jesus. Through private and together times of Bible study and prayer, we look to know and emulate Jesus through the transforming work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Outreach . . . an inclusive invitation

The good news and love of Jesus crucified and risen isn't meant to be kept to ourselves! Jesus calles His followers to love our neighbors - in Word and in deed! This is both to offer the Gospel of Jesus, that we can be maded right with God through Jesus' work on the cross and out of the grave, and to serve the practical needs of those God brings into our path.

Community . . . shared life

God's desire is that His people are not just a collection of separate individuals, but an authentic community that together shares life. This is not just what we are "to do" but who we are to "be" - together in one body, the bride of Christ. We are part of God's larger "family", and we desire to treat each other as such -- loving and caring for one another.