Our Desire

to be community that desires:

to see people brought into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and

to see them equipped to serve and worship the Lord through a church that loves and values them as unique gifts of God

to be a healthy Christian community that brings the health of God’s Gospel, love and practical service to the broader community in which we live.


Our Goal

We desire to be a healthy Christian community that brings the health of God's "Good News" in Jesus to the broader community in Word, Love & Pratical Service.

Loving God - Sharing Life - Loving People

How We Desire to Carry Out Our Goal

Loving God ...

Loving God through a personal relationship with God through Jesus.

Loving God by being authentic disciples of Jesus - surrendering to Jesus as our Lord.

Loving Our Chrisitan Community ...

Loving God together in the context of Christian Community.

Loving one another as we share life as a spiritual family.

Loving Our Home Community ...

Loving our neighbors in example, word & practical service

Loving our home community together in the name of Jesus

Loving People Beyond Our Community ...

Loving our world through supporting missions prayerfully, financially, and by serving and going beyond our local community with the love of Jesus.

Prayer Requests

Continue to pray for Betty Walters and her health needs.

Pray for Daniel Lee, serving his commitment in the South Korean military.